Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bumble Bee Baby Sweater

It seems as though I am always knitting baby sweaters so I went through all the cute sweaters that I have in my current books for sale and everything I loved was for a girl. Everyone who I seem to be making a baby sweater for is having a boy. So I had a real dilemma. I started going trough old pictures and magazines and came across a picture of a cute bumble bee sweater but I seem to have saved the picture but no instructions.

I figured that this would be an easy sweater to knit up without any instructions so I went to work. I choose some of the wonderful Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton . I am in love with this yarn. I am working on a #7 needle and although bees should be black and yellow I choose navy for my knitting thinking that the new mom might not like black on the baby, you never know. Here is a picture of the sweater in progress.Since I hate the finishing I did what i always do and cast on enough stitches for both fronts and the back and went to work, knitting up to the armholes and then dividing and working the back and each armhole up. I put all the stitches on holders then put them back on needles and then did a 3 needle bind off to seam the shoulders, but did it a bit differently.

Placing the Right sides of the shoulders together I used a crochet hook to go into the first stitch on each needle and pulled a loop through and slipped the stitches off the needles keeping the loop on the crochet hook I repeated this with the next tow stitches and pulled this loop through both stitches and then through the loop on my hook. I repeated this until I bound off the stitches on one shoulder and then did the same thing on the other shoulder. It made a very nice almost invisible seam. It looks like I will need 3 balls of each color to complete both the sweater and the hat. If anyone wants to make this sweater I will send you my written instructions free with the purchase of the yarn. Just contact me at thea@patchworkfrog.com.


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