Monday, March 30, 2009

In Search of the Perfect summer Cardigan

Some how I never have the perfect crdigan to throw over my sholders no matter how many I have made in the past. I am also a sucker for all the new patterns that I find.

I love Spring and Fall but it is also the time of the year when you just need something over your shoulders and I am always searching for the "perfect" cardigan. One year styes are long and others short so every year I find myself frantically knitting new things.

This year I picked out Interlude by Chris Blysma as one to knit and will also be making either 1524 Au Naturel Cardie by knit One Crochet Too in Babyboo yarn.
or 1514 Slant On Nature by Knit One Crochet Too which could be knit with longer sleeves and is a fun sweater to knit and the Ty Dye yarn is yummy.

Then there is the lace edge cardi from the Just Soya Book by Sirdar

So many little time.

These are all great summer patterns and will be perfect for layering in the fall. My problem with bought sweaters is that most of the time the sleeves are too long for me. I Never thought that I had short arms but either the problem is my body or the companies are making everything long. I am just not into that look of my cuffs hanging over my hands. I find it annoying so the solution is making my own.
Orders over $50 ship free

Knit ON!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bumble Bee Baby Sweater

It seems as though I am always knitting baby sweaters so I went through all the cute sweaters that I have in my current books for sale and everything I loved was for a girl. Everyone who I seem to be making a baby sweater for is having a boy. So I had a real dilemma. I started going trough old pictures and magazines and came across a picture of a cute bumble bee sweater but I seem to have saved the picture but no instructions.

I figured that this would be an easy sweater to knit up without any instructions so I went to work. I choose some of the wonderful Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton . I am in love with this yarn. I am working on a #7 needle and although bees should be black and yellow I choose navy for my knitting thinking that the new mom might not like black on the baby, you never know. Here is a picture of the sweater in progress.Since I hate the finishing I did what i always do and cast on enough stitches for both fronts and the back and went to work, knitting up to the armholes and then dividing and working the back and each armhole up. I put all the stitches on holders then put them back on needles and then did a 3 needle bind off to seam the shoulders, but did it a bit differently.

Placing the Right sides of the shoulders together I used a crochet hook to go into the first stitch on each needle and pulled a loop through and slipped the stitches off the needles keeping the loop on the crochet hook I repeated this with the next tow stitches and pulled this loop through both stitches and then through the loop on my hook. I repeated this until I bound off the stitches on one shoulder and then did the same thing on the other shoulder. It made a very nice almost invisible seam. It looks like I will need 3 balls of each color to complete both the sweater and the hat. If anyone wants to make this sweater I will send you my written instructions free with the purchase of the yarn. Just contact me at


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Well spring may be here but although it was quite warm during the week the week end arrived and it is cold and rain is predicted. In spite of that I am working on my spring projects since this has to pass...right?

I am still working on my Noro Taiyo 3/4 coat. I did what i always do and frogged parts of it as I experimented with my ideas for knitting. The coat, a pattern from Knit One Crochet Too was knit in a similar type yarn with colors that change but it was a wool yarn. For one thing I find wool much too warm most of the time and for another often too scratchy for me as I usually have bare arms under a sweater so I opted for Noro Taiyo which is a combination of cotton and silk. As I knit along I realized that for a good fit for me I needed to make the coat a bit more narrow and I also decided to insert solid black yarn for the short rows and picked the black Maldive yarn from The Queensland collection which has tiny flecks of color and there fore blended in nicely. I finally finished the back after all the ripping and re-knitting and started on the front. I think I am quite pleased with it now.

Needing a smaller project to carry with me (I never leave home without knitting) I started the cutest baby sweater. It is my own version of a pattern from a very old knitter's magazine. I found the picture in a pile of things that i saved, but can't find the instructions so I am writing my own as I go along. I am knitting this in Debbie Bliss Pure cotton. I am in love. The yarn is the softest that I have ever worked with. I just love holding in in my hands. I will be taking some pictures and posting them soon. Once I get the pattern written I will be offering it free along with the purchase of yarn for the project.

Happy Knitting,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Ready For Spring Knitting

Although for many of us the weather isn’t quite warm yet, even here in sunny California Spring is almost here.
The time is now to knit up your wonderful spring and summer cotton and bamboo cardi’s and shells so that they will be finished and ready to wear in a few weeks when you want them.
We have a wonderful selection of great yarns for your Spring- Summer projects and some great patterns as well.
We were able to pick up some Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton at an amazing price. It unusually sells for $6.50 per ball. We are passing our savings on to you and selling it for $4.50 per ball. We have 4 colors in stock, Navy, Black, Off white and Yellow. There are 96 yards per ball and it knits up on a # 7 needle. Check it out by clicking here
We have wonderful yarn from Knit One Crochet Too. You will see their patterns in Knit ‘N Style. The cover sweater of the latest (April) issue is their pattern and knit in Ty- Dy. At 196 yards per ball . 5 stitches per inch on #7 needle, you won’t need much to knit up a sweater. You will love this self striping yarn. The colors are so wonderful. We also have patterns to go along with the yarn. While you are on that page also check out the Babyboo yarn.
Another new fun yarn is Fil Katia Samba.
Again self striping, very poplular right now. We have a children’s book and and a baby book using this yarn but any pattern calling for 5.5 stitches to the inch will work with this yarn.
the Queensland Collection, Maldive yarn is another great yarn. I have been using it to knit up baby sweaters. At $3.50 per ball the price is right. Each ball has 99 yards and knits up on a #7-8 needle at 4.5 stitches to the inch
We have many other wonderful yarns to choose from so go to the the yarn page
And look around. We have them grouped by company as well as yarn type.
As our gift to you there is a free pattern on our website ready to download and use.
Happy Knitting!