Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Stash Buster and Left Over yarn Project

 While we have been at home we all have probably started many projects and hopefully even finished some.

If you are like me you now have a bag of extra yarn left over from many projects. I was looking for something to do with all this yarn and this morning found a pattern on Revelry what looks like it will be my "clean up my left over stash" project since I can use up as many colors of yarn that I choose as long as they are about the same weight.

The Radiant Rays shawl from Caron

is shown in in Aran weight yarn knit on a #8 needle.  This will produce a heavier shawl. If your stash is DK weight you could double the yarn  or you could knit your DK weight on a #8 which will give you a lighter fabric.

If you have a lot of sock yarn left over that could be doubled as well.

If you are looking for more drape and you want to use DK weight try working on a # 6 needle..

Swatching is important here to find the right needle size for the yarns you will use. If your gauge is more stitches to the inch then what the pattern call for this will be okay but your shawl will  be smaller. You  might want to consider adding additional rows but be certain that you have enough of your main yarn.

For this project you will need one main color yarn that will anchor the shawl and then as many other colors as you have n your stash that are all the same weight. 

If you want to combine yarns to make a thicker yarn you might like to check out how to turn your fingering weight yarn into chunky yarn

and because you are making a lot of yarn changes you will want to watch Weavin Steven on You tube for a simple way to weave in the yarn ends as you knit to avoid all the finishing at the end of the project

Happy Knitting

from The Patchwork Frog