Monday, December 22, 2008

How I spent my Day ..or what to do when you are on hold

It was another perfectly dreary rainy day and boy was I excited. I have been trying to clean up my workroom and desk but life keeps getting in the way. When I woke up and it was pouring I figured it was going to be the day when I would get lots done.

Before I could get started I had a few quick things to take care of. I had some orders to pack and ship and a couple of phone calls that wouldn't take long.

First I tried to order a prescription on line. After pushing all the numbers, you know , 1- if you want English, 2 -if you don't want to be routed through India, 3- if you don't have about 3 hours to wait on hold, you know the drill , I actually got right though to a real live person and guess what. The computers were down. That was probably why I was able to get through. I was told to wait an hour and call back. I never did get back to them

My next phone call was to Apple to try to get information regarding the trouble I was having with my iPhone. That call actually did take me almost 3 hours. I got transferred from one person to another until finally, after I got to complain to about 5 people I think they were tired of me and decided that they really needed to figure out a way to get me off the phone. I was put though to customer service where they offered to replace my phone. All I had to do was go to the iPhone store where, I didn't have an appointment with one of their geniuses (that is really what they call the tech support in the store) and I would be helped. They promised me that when I got there they would have my name (at this point I am on a first name basis with many people at Apple) and I would be taken care of without waiting too long. However this meant I needed to get in the car and to go to the store. By this time my husband had arrived home from work and I convinced him (well I didn't really convince him it was more like I forced him) to come with me. I did offer to give him dinner first. I figured that was the least I could do after he had worked a full day. But hey, wasn't this the day I was staying here to clean and organize? So, with nothing that I had planned for my day accomplished, off we went.

I did get my phone replaced. But it doesn't end there because now I have to get the new phone up and running. I have to restore the phone to be recognized on my computer, update software and sync to my data. I also lost some data that will have to be re-entered manually - a job for tomorrow I guess. Naturally all this took much longer than I thought it would.

So, that was pretty my day. I did do some laundry while I was on hold but I never did get around to cleaning up the clutter.

As Scarlett said in Gone With the Wind "tomorrow is another day"

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