Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Sweater Down .......Many more to go!

It has been raining hard all day and man is it cold outside. I think it was about 45 degrees mid day and it actually snowed in Malibu today. That is just too weird. I guess the cold helps to make California get into the holiday spirit but I kind of like having a nice sunny warm day for Christmas since I grew up on the east coast. To me sun and warm in December still seems wonderful to me.

With all the rain and cold I had more knitting time and I finally finished the sweater I have been working on. This is the second time I knit this sweater.The first time I made the version with a plan V neck. This time I added the collar which is knit using the short row method and turned out really nice. I knit very loose so i made this in Sirdar Snugly DK
but I went down a needle size to knit the sweater tighter. I also knit the size 1-2 and then made it much longer because the little boy who I made this for is tall but thin.
Although I have been knitting for a long time I have never been a blocker. However, recently I have been reading about how much more professional knitted garments look after they are blocked so I am going to block this one and really get it into shape. I have a blocking square. It is really a cushioned pad that I bought for quilting and just found in the closet not opened and still in it's plastic wrap. It will work just fine. After doing some research on ways to block I have decided to use the steam method. I have one of those big professional steamers. I decided to go with that rather than wetting the sweater and waiting for it to dry. This will be quicker and I heard Lilly Chen talk on a TV show that i watch and this is her preferred method so who am I to argue.
I found some great buttons, perfect for the sweater that just came in with an order today. They are hand made and washable. Just perfect for a sweater for a 4 year old boy. This is a new company for us and I was excited to see how nice they are. Check out the buttons

Time to go wrap a few presents. For me that is the worst part of the holiday.

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