Thursday, September 27, 2012

Knittingfever is super excited to announce the Monster Crochet Along with 10 brand new designs made exclusively for them by FreshStitches: adorable crochet amigurumi!
Amigurumi is a style of crocheted (or knit) stuffed animals from Japan with an emphasis on cute. You’ve probably seen them before, and have maybe even made a few, but this is a whole new batch to play with.
StaceyTrock has designed 10 brand new monster patterns for us using Ella Rae Classic Wool yarn. There will be two patterns each week from now until Halloween.
Meet Alfo
Your first, fierce new friend is Alfo! A ten-inch tall googly-eye monster ready to shout his love from the mountain tops. Or maybe the back of a dark cave, you decide where Alfo lives.
Download the pattern here. You’ll need the main color, small amounts of two contrasting colors, and plastic eyes (if desired).
Alfo is made with basic shapes, which makes him a good building block for the other monsters.
Stacey’s patterns are very well written with clear instructions and pictures of the various steps to let you know you’re on the right track.

Meet Bixi
The second monster looking to creep into your heart is Bixi! This 5.5 inch-tall bundle of monstrous delight has its arms flung wide in welcome.
Download the Bixi pattern here. You’ll notice Bixi uses a few more colors than Alfo.
The Patchwork Frog


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