Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lots of color

I can't decide if what I like most about yarn is the colors or the feel or maybe it is really both. I admit to being a yarn-aholic. It is truly an addiction and one I am not willing to give up.
This is the year of rainbow dyed yarns and just looking at them excites me and I want to start to knit. I have just added a new company to the Patchwork Frog Family, Knit One Crochet Too. You can see them featured in Knit 'N Style Magazine and of course their patterns and some of their yummy yarns at the The Patchwork Frog. The yarns is wonderful to work with and their patterns are different and fun.I am on a mission. I just will have to knit several of them. Stay tuned to see which one is next but right now follow my progress with the one I picked for my first project.
I couldn't resist the "Go Fly A Kite" coat. I can't decide which is more fun, the knitting or watching as the colors change in in the ball of yarn as I knit. It's a tough decision but the knitting defiantly is fun. You start by creating triangles and you add on to them building the center panels. Then you pick up for the side panels, add in a bit of short row knitting to create the gussets that give the flare to the bottom then do a three needle bind off to join the seams (no sewing. You just can't get bored making this coat. The changing color yarn makes this look complicated but the knitting is actually easy for anyone but a beginner. I have the center finished as well as the left side panel and I am now working on the right side panel. You can see when you look closely at the picture my white needles peeking out on the right side. My Denise Needle set came in handy when I attached the connector, slid the knitting on to a small cable and used the button caps to create a stitch holder. When I am ready to join the sides I will just take off one of the buttons,attach a needle on the end and will be ready to knit without transferring the stitches from a traditional stitch holder back to a needle. This is one of the things I especially like about the Denise Set.Visit the Patchwork Frog! for yarn and patterns needles and more.

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